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Cigarette Girls, Paparazzi Photographers,
DJ's & Sound


What is unique about The San Francisco Jitterbugs is that we provide our own professional Cigarette Girls,

Papparazi (Old Timey Photographers), DJ's & a State of the Art Sound System!!


Our Cigarette Girls & Papparazi Photographers taking real photos specialize in Corporate Events, Weddings, Festivals, Shows and many more!! We can make your event feel like the red carpet and liven up any atmoshpere!


Our DJ services offers all genres of music such as, Swing, Gatsby, Charleston, 50's Rock n Roll, Country, Disco 70's,

New Wave 80's, Electro-Swing,  Electronic(Techno, Dubstep, House) and many more!!

We can also provide a state of the art sound system for your event.





Cigarette Girls

Old Timey Photographers (Paparazzi)

DJ's & Sound System

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